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Vence is a beautiful and charming town located in southeastern France in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. The town has a rich history and culture, with archaeological remains showing that people have lived here for over 2000 years.

One of the most impressive sights in Vence is the old medieval town centre, which is located high on a hill and surrounded by beautiful walls. Here, visitors can stroll through the narrow and picturesque streets, visit small shops and restaurants, and admire the fantastic views of the surroundings.

For those who love art and culture, visiting the Matisse Museum is worth visiting. The museum contains a large collection of Matisse’s artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and drawings.

Another highlight in Vence is the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Nativité, known for its impressive artworks and architecture. The cathedral also contains many beautiful chapels and relics.

Around Vence, there’s fantastic nature and many adventurous hikes to do. Vence is also close to the French Riviera, with many beautiful beaches and coastal towns to explore. Nice, Cannes, and Antibes are all within reach and offer fantastic shopping, food, and nightlife. The nearest beach is about a 15-minute drive away.