When is the low season and the high season?

The low season is from October to April.

The high season is from May to September.

Covid-19 – Cleansing and disinfection measures

The current pandemic of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, has created a need to take further cleansing and disinfection measures to prevent spread and guarantee our guests’ safety.

We follow correct and reputed sources of information, such as the WHO and local authorities, to ensure that our apartments’ most proper cleaning is carried out.

To mention a few examples, we use recommended disinfectants approved by global health services, washing bedspreads and towels at the highest temperature, we clean surfaces that are often touched, such as doors, switches, and remote controls. We follow checklists to clean every room carefully and always have 24 hours between reservations to clean properly.

Practical information

Tap water

  • There is not a problem to drink water from the tap. However, there is some limescale in the water which means that you should add salt to the dishwasher and some may find it nice to filter the water.

French sewer pipes

  • The French water pipes have a tendency to clog because the pipes are very narrow. Do not flush hair, small objects or to much toilet paper. 

Entrance door

  • It is very important not to leave the apartment or the house without having a set of keys with you. Also, make sure that there is no key in the keyhole on the inside of the door when you go out. It is also important to always use the safety lock to make sure you don’t get uninvited guests.


  • Please close the shutters when you leave home and make sure that terrace furniture is not in the way.
What if I need a late check-in or a late check-out?

Contact us on info@riviera4you and we will try to arrange this according to the below price list:

Late check-in
19.00-22.00: €35
22.00-24.00 €50

Late check-out
11:00-15:00: €35

How do I as a guest make a booking with you?

In the menu Apartment, you will find the various cities where we offer apartments. When you have found an apartment that you want to rent and is available according to the calendar you fill in the booking formula and push the button ”Available – Book now”. Now your booking is with us and we control that all is in order and return to you with a booking confirmation within 12 hours. You shall within two days make a prepayment, 30% of the total price, and then the apartment is reserved for you. No later than 40 days prior to your arrival, you shall pay the outstanding amount accord to your booking confirmation.

How do I contact you at R4Y?

Riviera4You i Villefranche AB
Business-ID: 559188-6303
Address: c/o Thunved, Jungfrugatan 41B, 114 44 Stockholm, Sweden

email: info@riviera4you.com


Viveka Thunved
mobil: +33 6 27 02 77 83‬
e-post: viveka@riviera4you.com

Rafika Chebil
mobil: ‭+33 6 76 94 12 54
e-post: rafika@riviera4you.com

How do I make a payment to R4Y?

If you are making a payment to R4Y we kindly ask you to make it in euro. Please make a reference.

Riviera4you i Villfranche AB

Stureplan 19
107 81 Stockholm, Sweden

IBAN: SE68 2300 0000 0231 0188 4711


How do I cancel my booking?

You may cancel the booking with a full refund, excluding service fees and bank charges, if canceled in writing at least sixty (60) days prior to the arrival date. If you wish to cancel the booking later than sixty (60) day prior to the arrival date the following applies:

  1. if canceled between sixty (60) days – forty (40) days before the arrival date, R4Y will retain the prepayment in full; and
  2. if canceled later than forty (40) days before the arrival date, R4Y will retain the full rental fee.
What does the rental agreement look like?

The agreement is published in our Terms & Conditions.



What is Tax de Sejour (tourist tax)?

In France, all tourists have to pay a tourist tax when renting short term accommodation. The amount varies between the cities. In Nice, you pay 3% of the daily rent/person with a maximum amount of €2.30/day/person.  In Cannes, you pay 5% of the daily rent/person with a maximum amount of €1.85/day/person. Only persons older than 18 years have to pay the tourist tax. The tourist tax is included in the total price.

How does it work with bedlinen, towels and cleaning?

The cleaning after departure and bedlinen are mandatory and are paid for at the time of the booking.

What should be in the apartment when I arrive?

When you arrive, the apartment shall be properly cleaned with bedlinen and towels in place. Necessary items, for a couple of days use, such as toilet paper, detergents, dishcloth etc shall be in place.

What happens when I depart?

We meet you at departure at the latest 11.00 am to go through the apartment and return the deposition if everything is in order.

Make sure the furniture is in the same place as they were when you arrived. Empty the fridge and throw all the trash.



What happens when I arrive?

You contact R4Y one week before arrival to schedule a meeting between 15.00-19.00 at the apartment. At the meeting we hand over the keys, go through the apartment and collect the deposition. Contact us at info@riviera4you.com

If you need a late check-in, contact us and we will try to arrange this according to the below prices list:

Late check-in
19.00-22.00: €35
22.00-24.00 €50


How does the deposition work?

Before, or at the latest at the arrival, you pay EUR 400 as a deposit that will be returned at departure provided that there are no damages.

How do I pay for rent, bedlinen, cleaning and tourist tax?

You make a prepayment of 30% of the price including rent, bedlinen, cleaning, and tourist tax. The remaining 70% shall be paid 40 days prior to arrival. We are striving for a cash-free business.